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Have you tried the big oneliner?

WARNING: No RP-ing, no whining, no flaming and no personal sob stories ;)
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Hardwired to Self Destruct!!
by PabloTovarJr
Shameless Nun
by Evil-Rick
Together we are strong! - Zarya Patreon Public "Ulti" version!
by Ganassa
by Steveman
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Minor update: Hiatus mode


Hi Folks.

Due to work being a dick i haven't been able to do much on the site. But i did add a new feature called "Hiatus" if you are not posting for a while or just want to hide you art for a bit while you figure things out you can use this to disable viewing of your gallery and pictures. You can enable and disable this whenever you feel like it .

I made this because deleting an account and then having them only return a few weeks after is a hassle for me to deal with. So now you can hide it instead of deleting everything :) You can find it in your user profile settings.

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2017-08-22 17:30:52
She's really looking forward to unwrapping all those packages she got for her birthday
2017-08-21 08:29:35
Snoop Dogg would approve. lol
2017-08-21 08:28:23
They're both enjoying it, that's for sure.
2017-08-20 05:55:56
Her favorite ride at Disney
2017-08-20 05:53:22
Welcome to the dog pound